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We offer 3 online and remote programs based on the best practices of the world's top accelerators: a re-accelerator, full accelerator (idea/mvp/scale), and dedicated advisor teams. 

Accelerator Certification

Once you pass the program, you'll receive an accelerator certification from us, help establishing a fundraising plan, and introductions to investors around the globe.

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Since 2016, Newchip has helped thousands of entrepreneurs raise millions across the globe.


Unlike accelerators that require you to move across the country and give up 5% of your company, we’re 100% equity-free and you can participate from anywhere in the world. 

A rigorous at-your-own-pace program including online coursework, weekly meetings, mentor hours, training videos, market analysis, quizzes, tests, best practice reports, and more...

100% Online 

Investor & 
Mentor Access

Once you complete the program, you’ll be able to live pitch our community, we'll curate a list of investors, and create a fundraising plan specific to your startup.

Accelerator Mission:

Our mission is to make the knowledge, the network, and the communities that develop around strong accelerator programs available to everyone regardless of stage and location in the world.

1,000+ startups, 100,000+ investors, and $100M+ raised

We've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs raise millions.

World Class Team

Our program leaders and mentors have a combined 100+ years of experience in building, funding and scaling early stage companies.

Online & Offline Study

While our program is online, you’ll receive your books and materials in multiple formats to study between weekly live-streams and modules.

Accelerator Programs

We've made our dues simple, affordable, and easy for founders of all stages. Because we're equity free, we only charge for the cost of materials and for our mentors' time.


10-Week Online Accelerator
Weekly Live Classes & Masterminds
Quizzes, Tests, & Final Exam

Industry Best Practice Reports

1-1 Mentor & Advisor Access
Custom Fundraising Plan 

Community Access & More...


*Must apply and be accepted*


Dedicated Advisor Team
Business Strategy 

Technology & Development 
Recruiting & Hiring 
Monthly KPI & Traction Reviews


*Must be a member of accelerator*


10-Week Online Pre-Accelerator
Weekly Live Classes & Online Program
Quizzes, Tests, & Final Exam
Industry Best Practice Reports

Cohort Discussion Board


*Must apply and be accepted*

Accelerator Programs

We've made our dues simple, affordable, and easy for founders at all stages.  

Because we're equity free, we only charge for the cost of materials and for our mentors time.

Accelerator Mission:

Our mission is to make the knowledge, the network, and the communities that develop around strong accelerator programs available to everyone regardless of stage and location in the world.

Here’s What You Get If You’re Accepted

That makes sense, what about other investor networks, do they charge fees or dues?  
Yes. CTAN, otherwise known as the Central Texas Angel Network , one of the largest angel networks in the world (though smaller than our community and less deal-flow), charges $250 to apply, $5,000 to the startup if an investor invest, as well as yearly dues to the investors.  Some investor networks in the Valley charge $2,000-$3,000 just to pitch them and more for access to pitches. 

Unlike most angel networks and accelerators that have 1-2 cycles per year, our application fee and dues helps us have a year around staff, program, and a couple of days application turn-around to help as many entrepreneurs as possible. 

If you don't take equity in the company, do you still do investments?
Along with connecting you to our investors and helping you build a fundraising plan, we have a fund for the top graduates of our cohorts. The goal of a cohort is to work together to succeed, but also it's also to motivate you to compete with each other over who grows the most over the 10 weeks. Remember, being the biggest and baddest, doesn't always = investment. Grit does. When we invest it depends on the stage and valuation of the company at the end of the program- it can be anywhere from $10k to $100k.

Are there other programs like yours? How does Newchip compare?
We are the only program like ours that is specifically tailored to funding your startup. Other similar programs focus on building an MVP or getting off the ground, examples are:  Whartons Entrepreneur Accelerator (Pre-Accelerator) for $2,600, Draper University (Pre-Accelerator) for $12,000, Founder Institute (Pre-Accelerator) for $999 + equity as well as a few other hybrids that take equity plus a course or resource fee. We're proud to offer the most affordable full accelerator that is equity free, that invest in the top graduates, and has a world-renowned team of "real entrepreneurs"- not consultants, as well as a pre-accelerator program for $499.

What are some common misconceptions about accelerators? 
The worst are: it's easy, the accelerator will do all the work for you, and we'll magically get you money. The reality is, we're going to work you to the bone and show you what it takes to succeed, but it's still in your hands to close deals and succeed. If you learn one thing in the program, remember that it's okay to pivot and it's best to FAIL HARD and FAIL FAST because some of the companies on your left and right by the end of the program won't be in business, founders will have had a fallout, and some will pivot entirely.

What should I expect from the program as an international founder? 
It's basically the same and while we may not have as many resources in your country, you'll be connected to our resources around the globe. 

Do I need to know someone at Newchip to get in?  
No. One of our core principles is to consider all applications equally. We don't rely on introductions the way many investors do and our founders actually hate it if you spam them online. We've got a great team to source companies and you should respect that we respect them and their decisions. 
If we participated in another accelerator, can we join yours? 
Yes. However, if you've done another accelerator already, we may expect that you've reached a higher level of progress in your application. Apply and we'll see. 

Just how difficult is the program to complete? 
While you can complete the program at your own pace (we recommend 3 hours a week to just keep up), the program modules are rigorous, and the test are difficult. You can complete these portions all at your own pace but we won't just stamp your certificate for "breathing", you have to grow and improve and pass "eventually". Everything worthwhile takes work, and so will this program. Just because you have an idea, that doesn't equal free money- you have to learn, apply it, hustle, and most importantly have grit. Then again, you also could join, and come in and complete it at the pace of your company so it could take you a few years to complete the course and we'll update it as you go. We're here to serve you for the life of your company and hope you will pay it forward on your end too.

Do you have merit or financial need-based scholarships?
Yes but they are merit and financial need-based (largely on the stage of your company). If accepted into the program, please message your program director and have a conversation with them. You can also message us below in chat 24/7 and we'll respond as soon as we can.

What kind of success have you and your team had?
We've built a community of 100,000 investors and entrepreneurs, helped fund over $20,000,000+ into startups in 2018, and raised millions for the companies we've built and sold over the last two decades.

When is the next batch going live?
 We launch new cohorts each month on or around the 1st. As soon as you apply, if you are accepted, we'll give you information on your cohort. 

We've already been working on our startup for a while, is this still appropriate for us? 
We've helped a lot of startups like yours. In fact, we especially like them. We work with any startup that hasn't already raised a series A round from VCs. 

We've already raised some funding, can we still apply?  
Sure. Each cohort has many companies who have already raised seed capital.

We really only need more funding, does the program make sense for us?
Money is important to a startup, and while we don't directly fund companies, we're here to help you accelerate your growth to reach your funding goals, needs, and connect you to investors. If you find that valuable, then yes!

What if we're doing/building something capital intensive like a rocket to the moon?
We'll still work with you and instead of trying to build something launchable in three months or that can scale that quickly, the goal becomes building an impressive proof of concept to take to later stage investors to raise more money. 

Do you only work with tech companies?
We consider startups and businesses in any field. We've worked with companies that make everything from microbes to reactors to coffee carts. This is not likely to be your only, let alone your last startup, and it may not succeed. We're here to give you the skills to help you throughout your career.

Can a single person/solo founder apply? 
Yes. We regularly accept solo founders. That said, our advice remains that one-person startups are tough and you're more likely to succeed with a co-founder. Maybe you'll find one in the program? 

I have a great idea for a startup but I'm not technical, will you accept me?  
It's important for the founding team to have the skills to build their product themselves, rather than outsourcing it to someone else. For most businesses, that usually means you need a technical co-founder. However, in some businesses and locations, this just isn't possible. For these companies, we recommend outsourcing until you can bring it in-house. 

Does Newchip invest in companies in the accelerator? 
Yes and no. Because we wanted to make the accelerator open to as many companies as possible, we don't "automatically" invest in every company we accept. We do however review the top companies to complete the program of each cohort for investment as well as help every company with investors. 

Do we need to incorporate before applying?
Nope. We don't take equity so it doesn't matter. We do recommend you and your team have some kind of legal operating agreement so that there are no founder issues later when inevitably there is some disagreement.

Can we apply more than once? 
Yes. If you've applied before and didn't get in, we strongly encourage you to apply again. Having made progress since your last application is a strong signal to us that you're ready.

Why do you have an application fee and dues structure?
We launched an equity-free accelerator under our core company to give back to entrepreneurs. But because we don't take equity in companies, which means we don't have a way to make a return, we utilize funding from our parent company, our investors, application fees and membership dues to help cover the materials costs of the program: books, mentors, speakers, etc.  

For example, we charge dues of $99 per program week for companies with little to no revenue and slightly higher dues for companies with $10M in revenue or Pre-Series A as they have more asks and needs from our team.  We also offer a pre-accelerator for $49 per week of the program ($499).

Once accepted into the program, you will receive an onboarding email with options to either pay in full or set up a payment plan over the length of the program. 

Frequently Asked Questions



*Program fees are variable based on company stage, must be paid upfront, or by an agreed upon payment plan. 
*Scholarships available to top applicants and on financial need basis only.


Application Process

1. Application & 
Video Interview

Founders complete an online application and should prepare a introduction pitch about yourself and your startup if selected for interview.

Round 1- Application Review: 
3  Business Days

Round 2- Founder Interview:
3 Business Days

2. Evaluation & Selection

A detailed due diligence evaluation and analysis will be conducted by our venture team to determine your suitability for the program. 

Round 3- Application Pass/Fail:
2 Business Days

Acceptance Notification:
24 hours

3. Overall Process & Deadlines

Our vetting process takes 8 business days and we have 6-8 cohorts a year. 

Deadlines- Applications are due no later than 15th of the month prior to the launch of the cohort.

Cohort seating is limited so we recommend applying early to the program to secure a seat. 


Application Process

When you join Newchip, we ask you to: 
1. Attend the remote weekly sessions and online office hours
2. Submit a weekly update of KPI progress to the team
3. Be an active member of the community and cohort

Our Curriculum: Idea Stage to Series A
Idea to MVP, building fast and cheap, MVP to scale: iteration principles, co-founders and how to find them, how to build a team that can scale, how and when to pivot, analytics and data, financial modeling and KPI tracking, finding and pitching the right investors, guerrilla fundraising tactics, and much more...

Accelerator open to companies in these stages:
Idea, MVP, or Pre-Series A Stage


 We understand founders are busy building companies, so we only require 3 hours per week and the rest of the program is at your own pace.


Application Fee: 
In order to review applications with a 2-3 day turn-around and to ensure the seriousness of applicants, we charge a $49 application fee hold that we automatically refund to you if you are not accepted into the program. You will receive an email with information on the application fee after submitting.